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It’s almost the end of the summer! That called for a last minute summer trip. I went off to Sweden for my best friend Ariel’s wedding which was filled with fun, Schnapps songs, a fish church, a tour bus, and plenty of Swedish meatballs. Then it was to England for some quality time with friends and fam, an adorable puppy, and a break from this New York City heat.

More photos below ↓.

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Graduation! Such a fun and exciting time! I just wanted to share a few pictures from my university graduation in May. I technically graduated in December with my BA in Communications and Media, hence why I’ve already completed my first semester as a psychology post-bac at Columbia, but since my school only has one ceremony a year, I decided I had to take part in the festivities! My mom and boyfriend came to celebrate with me, and it was such a nice time.

More photos below! ↓

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Last summer we went to Vienna, Austria. The weather was beautiful, warm, and sunny, and there were so many beautiful sights to see. Vienna has such a rich cultural history and I was so glad to be able to visit. It was also really young and fun; I could see it making a great weekend trip with friends. I also totally geeked out visiting Café Landtmann and the hometown of Freud. Hope you enjoy the photos below!

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4 Face Mists We Love

Winter has come and gone, but our skin is still suffering.

The frigid temperatures, constant radiator heat and wind tunnels between avenues have left our skin dry and dehydrated.

A few weeks ago, I thought nothing would save my skin from eventual ruin. I’ve tried a few mists in the past and was less than impressed, but a friend told me the key to an effective face mist is to ensure it contains mostly for-skin oils and antioxidants rather than ingredients that only deliver a temporary blast of moisture (a.k.a. water). Upon her advice, I tried face mists again – and I’m now so in love that I’m planning to incorporate new mists into my beauty routine for EVERY season!

Lucky for us, there’s a face mist for every skin type and every condition! Here are a few recommendations.

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It’s World Sleep Day! 5 Super Science-y Apps that will Help You Get Some Zzz’s

Sleep lovers rejoice!

Today is a day of celebration just for us: it’s World Sleep Day. So fluff those pillows, put on your softest jammies and relax. But a great night’s sleep is not easy to come by, the average New Yorker gets 6.8 hours of sleep each night. The National Sleep Foundation recommends a minimum of 7 hours per night, so we’re not far off. But of these 6.8 hours, they might not be the most restful hours. Being woken up by noisy neighbors, sirens, and just not being able to get comfortable can all be factors for a broken sleep cycle. But thanks to our handy smartphones and the fact that there’s basically an app for everything, there are many sleep apps on the market to help you drift off to sleep faster, and wake up feeling more rested. Here are a few of our faves:

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